Book One of the Power Series



Love. Family. Betrayal. What breaks you can also make you strong…



A fateful encounter puts Kenna O’Loughlin in the path of the powerful and rich Grant family. Drawn in by the love and acceptance of patriarch Charles Grant, she finally begins to put the pain of a traumatic childhood behind her. Foul-mouthed and mischievous, she brings life and laughter into the normally staid family. 


Nicholas Grant, the scion of the Grant empire, hates Kenna on sight. This mysterious woman has wormed her way into his family and he will do whatever it takes to protect them, even if it means seducing the enemy.


Love. Family. Betrayal. What makes you strong can also break you…



Battle lines are drawn as Kenna fights for the family she has always wanted, and Nicholas sets out to prove that Kenna isn't whom she says she is.  But what happens when the person you have vowed to hate, draws you to the love of a lifetime?



Book Two of The Power Series

Love. Family. Betrayal. If you love something, you protect it at all costs...

When faced with losing your family or the love of a lifetime, what would you do? 

MacKenna and Nick agree to a cease-fire in their ongoing battle for the love of the Grant Family. But can they continue to deny the heat of their attraction? Will the threat of a looming disaster get shoved to the side, as lines are drawn and loyalties are tested? 

Love. Family. Betrayal. If you love something, you will sacrifice anything...

This novel ends on the mother of all cliffhangers--I promise you won't hate me too much!

Book Three "Inflamed" will be released late summer 2018.




The emotional continuation of Nick and MacKenna's story

Book Three of The Power Series

Love. Family. Betrayal. If you love something set it free...

I thought that I had found the love of a lifetime. 

I thought I had found the family of my dreams. 

I was wrong on both. 

Am I truly a part of the Grant family? Or just a stand-in for the first love that they all lost? 

Inflamed is the third book of The Power Series and ends on a heartbreaking cliffhanger. 

The fourth book “Embraced” is now available. 

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